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L-Cone sp. z o.o.
L-Cone sp. z o.o.

revolutionizing medical nutrition

Driven by an experienced and dedicated team, L-Cone persistently advances through research, innovation, and commitment to transforming the medical nutrition landscape. Our financial planning and clear funding requirements ensure we’re equipped for sustainable growth and development, all while improving patient well-being and quality of life through our pioneering nutrition solutions.

L-Cone sp. z o.o.
L-Cone sp. z o.o.

About US

L-Cone is a new startup established in order to conduct an innovative R&D project, implemented under the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020, Support Agreement No 09/2022 of December 30, 2022.

L-Cone is at the forefront of revolutionizing medical nutrition, providing specialized plant-based dietary solutions tailored to patients with unique health conditions, including severe ones.

By focusing on enhancing dietary compliance and reducing the risk of dietary errors, our mission centers on improving patient outcomes.

L-Cone sp. z o.o.

The Problem

  • Patients with specific medical conditions require targeted nutrition solutions
  • Traditional specialized nutrition products may not meet all dietary restrictions
  • Growing demand for sustainable, plant-based alternatives
L-Cone sp. z o.o.

Our Solution

  • Tailored plant-based nutrition products for specific clinical situations
  • Harnessing the power plant high concentrated proteins
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly approach to medical nutrition
L-Cone sp. z o.o.

Target Market

  • Patients with specific nutritional needs due to medical conditions or treatments
  • Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics
  • Individuals requiring plant-based nutrition solutions
L-Cone sp. z o.o.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Focused on high quality natural ingredients for improved tolerability and bioavailability
  • Environmentally responsible and sustainable alternative to traditional medical nutrition products
  • Addressing specific needs for better patient outcomes and higher quality of life, with nutritional needs on the top of them
L-Cone sp. z o.o.

Business Model

  • Direct-to-consumer sales through online platform with personalized supportive functionalities
  • Partnerships with medical supply distributors and healthcare providers in order to develop targeted solution
L-Cone sp. z o.o.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Build online presence through a user-friendly service and targeted content marketing
  • Leverage social media and influencer partnerships to raise brand awareness
  • Attend medical conferences and industry events to network with healthcare professionals